Monday, May 15, 2006


Rowand: Full tilt baseball

13 out the last 14! It's been quite a run, just the type of resurgence the Phillies desperately needed following the dismal and unforgivable start. Surprisingly, the pitching was the key factor in the sweep of Cincinnati over the weekend. That and, of course, Ryan Howard's timely heroics on Sunday.

However, there is always room for improvement. The Phillies need to start getting some run support for Brett Meyers who has been their only legit starter so far. Currently, he has the second WORST run support in the league. That has to change. The guy deserves a few wins if for no other reason than his sanity. Also, missing Rowand has the potential to hurt the Phils. He's been one of their most consistent offensive players so far.

Another issue is that of Abreu. Once again, he's the subject of trade rumors. The team chemistry is delicate and trading him now--even though he's not playing all that well--would not be wise. Abreu is a proven run producer and is consistently on base. His average may be sub-par right now, but he still leads the league in walks.

Right now, the Phils look good and they're headed for a big show-down next week with the Mets where they can take first a make a statement in New York. Let's hope it happens.