Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Back To The Future For Iverson and Sixers

Once upon a time in the late 1990s a young guard from Georgetown University was thought to be the future of the hapless Philadelphia 76ers. For a time he was. Things were turbulent and never boring during the Iverson era as, despite numerous personal and professional "issues," the point guard who looked to shoot first and pass fifth actually helped guide the Sixers to the finals against the Lakers in 2001.

And how things went downhill like a runaway train after that: Iverson proved uncoachable and was eventually traded.

Now that Iverson has alienated himself from Denver, Detroit and Memphis, both he and the Sixers have agreed that either a) he still has some alienating left to do in Philly, or b) they'd like to both live in the past and make believe the future is bright, uncertain, exciting, and a return to the N.B.A. Finals is just a few years around the corner. Don't be fooled.