Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Wagner Sends Mixed Messages

Billy Wagner officially signed with the New York Mets this week. In doing so, he left behind a franchise that has been struggling over the past few years to overtake the Braves and become the team to chase in the National League East.

Wagner leaves Phillies fans, however, confused as to what he really thinks of the Phillies organization. Granted, to read the
Philadelphia Inquirer article seems to leave little doubt about his opinion. He is quoted as saying such things as "There's a difference between winning and being competitive... In the end, I thought [the Phillies] were more interested in being competitive than winning." He also says that the Phillies were too worried about his age and his health. He said that the Mets are an organization committed to winning a World Series.

Not so fast, Billy.

I will agree that the Phillies most definitely have had a tough time competing, let alone winning. I can't dispute that you would know better than me what is going on behind the scenes in South Philly.

But I can't understand your angst, given that you talked extension with the team this summer. I can't understand your frustration when you said that you were looking for
a place for your family to live and you would prefer that it wasn't New York. I can't understand your believing that you have a better shot at winning the World Series with the Mets. Look at how much money they throw around and look at where it gets them. Carlos Beltran is the best example.

At the end of the article, you allude to the fact that anyone would have taken the money. You're probably right. I would have. But let's not confuse issues here. If you want the money, fine. Leave. You throw 100 miles per hour and someone is willing to pay you a ton of money to do it. Good for you. But don't say you are leaving because the Phillies don't have as good a chance to win the Series as the Mets.

Truth is, Billy, at this point, neither team has a chance.


Bob said...

Sounds a lot like when Jim Thome left Cleveland for Philadelphia a few years ago. It wasn't about the money, he wanted to go somewhere that had a chance to win. Yeah right.

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