Friday, December 16, 2005

Quick Hits For the Weekend

The Flyers continue to suffer from injuries seemingly every time out. Robert Esche and Mike Richards are the latest casualties. While they still stand only four points behind the Rangers, they have slipped to fifth in the Eastern Conference. There’s a long way to go, but with the Olympics making travel schedule nightmares come February, they better start banking some wins now.

Villanova seems to be on Christmas break. Between now and their big match up with fourth ranked Louisville on the fifth of January, they have only two games. They play La Salle on the December 22 and Temple on December 31. Not much in the way of a tune up for the upcoming difficult Big East schedule.

Alex Rodriguez is an idiot. He has decided to forego this spring’s World Baseball Classic because he can’t decide which country for which to play. He was born in the United States, but his parents were born in the Dominican Republic. He’s an American. He should be playing for the United States. But, I guess A-Rod just isn’t interested in playing.

Terrell Owens is quoted in the January edition of GQ as saying that he felt “disrespected” by his Eagles teammates. He said they thought he was selfish for trying to come back for the Super Bowl. He said that he felt “used” by the Eagles. He said that the media has it out for him. Oh, man. C’mon. T.O.- the problems in your life can all be traced to one source- YOU! If you would just shut up for once- ONCE!- perhaps you would still be playing football. Perhaps you would have an opportunity to make more money. Perhaps 80% of the football world wouldn’t tune you out as soon as you open your big, fat mouth… but, that’s just me.

I was pleased to see the Phillies deal Vicente Padilla this week. I have spent too many hours worrying when he would self-destruct during an outing that seemed to be going well- too well. Almost like that calm before the storm thing. I’m not sure I like what they got in return- mainly because I don’t know what they got in return yet.
Pat Gillick still sees that the Phillies need help with their starting rotation, but there doesn’t seem to be much happening. Look for the Phils to be at least one arm short again this year.


Andrew Tavani said...


As idiotic as A-Rod's reason for not playing in the World Series is, his absence is better for the team. Otherwise, he'll be striking out in key situations all the time, like he does for the Yankees. He's a garbage-time player only. If you've got an 8 run lead, he'll tack a few more on for you.

Matt Tavani said...

Amazing you should say that- a friend of mine this fall called A-Rod "the most overrated .320, 40 homerun 120 RBI guy in the history of baseball".

I can't say that I watch the Yankees very closely, but it would be interesting to see a breakdown of his stats.

Andrew Tavani said...

Oh, he most definitely is. It's uncanny how he seems to always either strike out or ground into a double play at critical moments. He's the David Bell of the Yankees.