Monday, April 23, 2007

NYC Council Move Not Rational


New York City Council banned aluminum bats starting next school year in an overwhelming vote today. The group claims that they are trying to reduce risk to players getting injured or dying because young players "have less time to react" to batted balls. According to the article linked above, there is no statistical proof that balls hit with a wooden bat are safer than those hit with an aluminum bat.

This decision is wrong. It is not the government's place to run Little League and NYC high school baseball. All this decision will do is increase the cost to play baseball in New York. Wooden bats cost more to buy and must be replaced much more often.

Any thoughts on this topic?


Mark Tavani said...

What are they working off of, a hunch?

I admit that if you asked me which type of bat would be safer, I'd say wood. And as a kid, I remember being a bit torn on the topic - I hated how aluminum bats stung on cold days, but I also figured they were better for putting a little distance on the ball. And how many times do kids facing 57 mile per hour fastballs break bats?

That said, I don't know anything about the topic.

Matt Tavani said...

Granted, 57 mph fastballs probably don't break as many bats as 87 mph fastballs, but they definitely are more susceptible to wear and tear breaks and are more expensive.

Xenia said...

Thanks for writing this.