Friday, April 06, 2007

So When's the NFL Draft?

It's been quite some time since we here at the Broad Street Journal have been posting information, but this post will look a lot like the last posts we made...

I know it's only April 6. I know there are 159 games to go. But the Phillies are 0-3. Aaron Rowand is claiming that two of the games were a coin flip and that they could have easily been 2-1 as they boarded the plane for Miami. But they're not.

The Phils have done an excellent job of one thing so far this week... showing their fans that some things never change. Utley is batting .357, Rollins has a .533 OBP, and Burrell is at .364. Great. But they have left 32 men on base. That's over 10 per game. Hitting with runners in scoring position haunted them all last season. And here we go again.

The bullpen, which was widely considered to be the weakest part of the team, has shown that they are. Strong outings by Myers and Hamels were wasted.

So what do we have to look forward to for the rest of the season? I'm scared to find that answer.

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