Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Game One Tonight

The Phils have been off for a week now and hopefully, if the weather cooperates, their hiatus will end tonight when the first pitch of the 2009 World Series is thrown sometime after 7:30 at Yankee Stadium.

In case you need a bit of priming for the Pinstripe Series, there is an interesting article from the Times's Tyler Kepner that compares Ryan Howard and Alex Rodriguez. The article has some good quotes from Jimmy Rollins and Joe Girardi.

Speaking of Girardi, on Tim Marchman outlines Joe Girardi's propensity to overmanage ballgames. Marchman blasts Girardi for using seven relievers in the first five innings of Game 3 of the ALCS. Then he contrasts Girardi's approach with Manuel's more simple approach to managing a game. Evidently, Marchman wasn't watching Game 2 of the NLCS when Manuel used five pitchers in the eighth inning after having yanked Pedro Martinez, who tossed seven scoreless, two-hit innings. Either way, it's a good piece and makes some salient points about the nuances managing baseball. If the Series comes down to managing, Marchman give the Phils the edge.

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